Ruger and Remington rocked

I saw the coolest show on Nat Geo last night, “Dogtown,” about the big Best Friends sanctuary in Kenab, Utah. Basically, it’s a desert full of dogs and every other animal you can think of. Star and Nancy would contribute part of their profits on Writers Catablog to Best Friends, if you people buy anything. Would ya?

Anyhow, this show is on every Friday night for awhile, I think. In this epi, Ruger and Remington, two big ole hounds rescued from a polygamist household that was busted in Colorado City, AZ, were such buddies they had to be split up to make them adoptable. (No, I wasn’t misting up, my eyes itched is all.) Gradually, they got to know other dogs and finally Remington found a home with some other tail-waggers. Ruger is still waiting, but he is a good boy. There were other stories, too—like the one about Animal, a mean little terrier who had been standing in his own “leavings” for years in a puppy mill. He was testy and mean as a Tasmanian Devil, but this woman with uneven bangs on her head quieted him down and he began to play with other dogs. Anyhow, this is a good show. I am lucky I have peeps. Don’t think I don’t know it.


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  1. Nuts! Nat Geo only made three episodes. Star, her dog Jim (three-dimensional) and ginormous cat Chubby (also 3D) were settled into watch–and no show. Nat Geo–that’s a stupid way to say it.

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