Little do they know

These two, Star and Nancy, always think they know what I am thinking. Sometimes, I am not thinking anything, people! I am gestating. This is what THEY call it when they are staring into space and not typing. They say it’s because writing and typing are not the same; writing takes lots of “gestating,” whatever that is. I think it means thinking and planning. They say typing is almost the last and easiest step of writing. This gestating thing means waking in the middle of the night with an idea (and when Star wakes up, it wakes me, too), the ever-popular mulling, something called research (not sure on that one) and calling people. Then, something jells, and I am fairly sure they don’t mean the wiggly red stuff. So, when I am lying on my pillow with my eyes closed, don’t bother me. Gestation happening. Sounds good anyway, doesn’t it?


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