Maggie, Casey, Dax and Chewy

Check them out—these guys can be viewed at Maggie, they say, is not very busy, so they named their company 3 Busy Dogs. (Maggie is apparently pretty flat, like moi, although she does have a third dimension and is not a Clipart.) Chewy is the Golden Retriever, Dax is the Rottweiler and Casey is the West Highland Terrier. Here, these official quality control “testers” are in the Test Kitchen and taking their work seriously.

Their owner has baked some stuff called Spoiled Rotten Dog Treats. I have not tried them (hint, hint), but apparently these are crispy, pretzely things with a little sweetness and no dog-killing ingredients. And—this is pretty out there—they also sell Bowser Beer, a low-cal dog beverage that does not cause you to don a lampshade and sing “Lady of Spain.” Er, I think that is what I sang, though maybe it’s what the guy with the accordian was playing. It’s hazy.


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