Black doggies need luv

An item came my way this morning (newspaper under the desk, luckily Star is clumsy) about how big black dogs often get sent to the pound—or worse. We know what I mean by worse—worse does not mean no TV for a week. “Big black dogs just don’t get adopted,” an ASPCA guy said in this story. In Rogers, Arkansas (Rogers, Arkansas? Where do these writers get these sources anyhow?), 13 of the 14 dogs who were…oh, I can’t even say it…were big and black. One person said these dogs don’t photograph well. Oh, good grief, I don’t even have eyeballs and I got adopted. Also, if they get white around their mouths, people think they are old. So? And someone also said it is hard to read their expressions. What are we talkin’ here, Marcel Marceau? Give these dudes a break, why don’t ya? They have pink tongues to kiss you with—all you need to know.


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